Acts Proposal

      Whether you are a Chinese artist with international aspirations or an international artist wanting to break into China, SOXT can help you realize your dreams by offering a unique opportunity to perform in front of delegates of top festivals and concert promoters from China and abroad. In the first place we are looking for bands that are passionate and eager to perform on international stages. A unique and mature sound and a plan for your music career would definitely give you an edge. If that's you, please send us the following info.

         To Please send the following materials as requirement from now to the deadline (deadline for overseas acts:12th, January 2017; deadline for domestic acts: 10th,February 2017). We will decide some acts before the deadline, so the sooner you send us materials, better the opportunity you have. Thank you!

Please write the title of email in the format of “band name - country - genre - x pieces (number of people in travel party) ”

Please write the following information in the email:

1, Video
links - Two clips of your best live performances

2. Biography (in English)

- Name of the artist or band

- Genre (what you think or what others have said)

- Place of origin

- List of traveling party (please note each member’s job in the travel party)

- Brief bio of the artist or band (less than 500 words)

- Contact of the band (name of manager/band leader, telephone number, email address)

- Major achievements and famous shows
(optionalless than 5 items)

- Band’s SNS links (facebook, twitter, myspace… optional)

Please send the following materials as attachment (put these materials into one fold, compress it and send by .zip) :

- Three promotional images (dpi 300+)

- Two representative songs’ audio files in WAV or MP3 (192 kps or higher)

- Technical rider

          You will be invited for a showcase at Sound of the Xity on the basis of these materials. And a good chance of performing at Sound of the Xity Stage at Strawberry Music Festival Beijing and Shanghai which are the biggest music festivals in China, by later negotiations.

 We will also include it to our database of the Chinese live music market and SOTX's artists' archive. The 400 festival promoters, record labels, music media companies and other music institutions will check your band's info. Hopefully several of them will present you business proposals.