“影响”插入“草莓音乐节”诞生“影响星球舞台” 18组海外艺人灼眼登场

近日,中国最大的国际音乐产业论坛+城市音乐节—“影响城市之声”公布了今年将在中国最知名的户外音乐节“草莓音乐节”开设“影响星球舞台”的消息,而“影响星球舞台”的赞助商则是世界闻名的主题咖啡厅&酒店连锁品牌Hard Rock


Apollo 18

Apollo 18 is the top-tier post hardcore/post rock band from SouthKorea. The trio formed the band in 2008 in Seoul and won the “Rookie of the year”award in South Korean Music Awards in 2010.Their 4 albums/EP were all named by colours, and in 2011,“Blue”was ranked No.52 in The Top 100 South Korean Albums ofThe 2000’s. The band has been performing at majoroutdoor music festivals in Asia, Europe and North America. Apollo 18's next album will see the bandexperimenting with different styles and structures while continuing to createsome of the most dynamic, exciting, and loudest music in South Korea’sburgeoning music scene


Trad.Attack! is the shooting star in the Estonia folk music scene.Since their debut in 2014 the band have received 10 MusicAwards in Estonia and performed in 16 countries. In September 2015 they released their first full album"Ah!" , which was announced the best folk album in Estonia, and receivedan excellent review at Songlines. The 3 musicians are from the traditionalmusic background. They take theirinspiration from old archive recordings of Estonian traditional songs and themusic of today.  Folk-Music is their starting point but not their boundary.At their first concert the band made a joke about havinga master-plan to play in every country in the world. Surprisingly thisaudacious master-plan has now been activated - within its very first year Trad.Attack!hasplayed in 16 countries. Now there are only 182 countries to go!


OCTOPUSS is an Italian power trio ofmind-blowing impact, with international relevance; the group's musical style,influenced by bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Red Hot Chili Peppersand The Beatles, consists of rock with an emphasis on funk.The band is composedof three well-known artists in the country,: Reepo (guitar/vocal), Garrincha(bass - founder of the 6-times platinum band “Le Vibrazioni”, and member of theItalian X-Factor "Superband”) and Luca Capasso.

During the recent three tours in China (50+ shows),Octopuss played at some of Chinese most famous livehouses and festivals,performing also their very own version of some Chinese popular rock songs, withan outstanding feedback from audience and media; become good friends with therock idol Xie Tianxiao.


The band is fromBologna,Italy. JoyCut looks and sounds veryattractive on stage. Their songs are crafted with a great undertow of twitchingmelancholy and inventiveness, which makes them hypnotic in their power andimagination. For sheer on-stage intensity, they sound like: A future whenrobots and humans share organic meals and feelings of hope. They used two setsof drums and a whole mess of electronics to let us hear the magic music. ForMTV, JoyCut was 1 of the 10 bands you must see. In 2014 JoyCut played more than150 concerts in the U.S. ,Canada and Europe. They have thousands of  North American fans.

Besides, JoyCuthas been invited to play, such as Europavox (FR), Co2penhagen Festival (DK),SXSW (US), Eurosonic (NL), Rock For People (CZ), Liverpool Sound City(UK),Medimex (IT). 


Influenced byFunk, Jazz and Groove mixed with Electronic music, Shtuby is constantly activein the world of electronic music technology with a great passion to live instruments,thus creating a unique hypnotizing show. Shtuby avoids being captured underspecific musical style or genre, together with a band he starts a journey thatsome times feels like multiplayer concert and at times like a wild party.Shtuby combines many musical instruments in to this set, such as Theremin,Clarinet, Synths, Percussion, and a full band comprises Drums, Flute, Bass,Keytar and it all gets colored with bizarre texts.

Loyal to thefreedom of creativity, the whole show is created in real time, what makes everyshow a new unique experience!


Ocellotwas formed three years ago in the northern parts of Catalonia,Spain.The grouphad two members,Marc Fernandez,guitarist and vocalist,and Elaine Phelan on synths.Since then, the group has evolved into a five member band andhas recorded a self entitled EP“Ocellot”,which was able to conquer the interestof specialized critics and the general public.Their first album“Molsa Molsa”was released in November2013.Amongstthe principal features of this new album one can appreciate a special devotionto a sound inspired by the psychedelic and baroque nature of 1960s pop music,but interpreted in a different way. The new formation is made up of guitar andvocals, synthesizers and a good dosage of ethnical instruments.To date the bandhas played in major festivals around Barcelona and Spain.


Asa genre defying cross-cultural musician and a massive parties band master,Simja Dujov pushes the limits ofContemporary World Beat.Definedby the press as a real character in Latin American World, Simja blendstraditional world music and newbeats mixed with and strong latin flavour.

SimjaDujov band has travelled through the world as he has been invited to perform infestivals in many countries.He has participated in festivalssuch as SXSW (USA), Chauffer dans la Noiceur (France), Gypsy Jazz Festival(Nouvelle Calédonie), Ashkenaz Festival (Canada), Monde de Couleurs(Switzerland).In 2010 herealeased his first album “Santificarás la Fiesta”, with great reviews from manypresses, like Rolling Stone.In2015 he released a new single “Noche”, from his upcoming 2016 album.He has developed as musicalproducer and curator of culture festivals and has activelyparticipated in movie, theater andradio productions.

Yogev Haruvi

Yogev Haruvi is a ONE MAN BAND highlyskilled on didgeridoo and a wide range of percussion moves, all at the sametime that is. He creates a full orchestra of sounds, making uplifting dancemusic with the skill and accuracy that would only be expected fromcomputer­generated beats.

With the help of two of the most ancient instruments, DRUM &DIDGERIDOO, he creates an environment where music travels between genres ofworld beat, techno and live trance, forming a powerful sound and hypnoticvisual component. An emerging festival favorite, both in his home base ofIsrael and abroad. It has led him to be the headliner for “Le rêve del'Aborigène” (France), invited to perform three times at the “Ozora Festival”(Hungary) and extensively tour Europe and Asia in festivals such as “Ancianttrance festival” (Germany), IndiEarth XChange 2014 (India), and the main stageof “Yaarot Mensh festival 2015 ” (Israel) and many other exciting venues.


EGOPUSHER band is fromSwitzerland .Contrast and contradiction are at the very core of EGOPUSHER, anunlikely but magical amalgam of lyrical and yet somehow obstreperous violin,and earthy drum sound. At first,the twomusicians have very dif- ferent musical background. Ever since their pathscrossed, Switzerland has been gifted with a fabulously playful and radical newband unafraid to tease, provoke and shock.

Over the course of several months, they recorded aseries of improvisations on violin and drums, adding touches of synth and basslater on. In this way they created a kind of diary, capturing and observing thesuccesses and failures alike of their interplay. Several months later, they satdown to listen to these basement diaries and to decide which of the entriesdeserved to be developed into a song. This survival of the fittest strategyperfectly fits the curious word creation that is the band name, EGOPUSHER: Digdeep inside for the best in you, bring it out and polish it until the sparksfly.

Beta Zinq

Beta Zinq isa fresh new, acoustic dance­pop band from Tel Aviv, Israel, whose music takestheir audiences on a fun trip through surprising influences while sparking anenergetic dance party. The band wasoriginally established as a collaboration between guitarists Tal Avraham andOded Distelman,two talented musicians eager to bring FUN back into the sometimes sarcasticmusic industry. They decided to look at dance music as their reference andbegan “translating” the normally computer­produced music into live acousticinstruments.Each bringing their unique style and energy to the stage.Beta Zinqstarted performing end of August 2015 and has already gained much recognitionas the up and coming band to follow and have been invited to festivals inIsrael and abroad this coming spring.Local musicblog 'Raash' says they are "the happiest and most interesting thing tohappen in music in 2015." 

他们都将在这“Hard Rock影响星球舞台”上进行表演,为“草莓星球”上的居民们呈现一片最新奇独特的全海外艺人的神秘大陆。

此次“影响舞台”的赞助商为国际知名的摇滚主题连锁餐厅&酒店品牌Hard RockHard Rock源起于伦敦,两个在英国的美国年轻人因为非常思念家乡的食物,而决定开设美式餐馆。其设施以充满摇滚文化底蕴的装修闻名。经过40余年的发展,Hard Rock现已在全球范围内拥有150余家餐厅和20余家酒店。今年,深圳、杭州、广州分店也将陆续开张,届时,中国乐迷们在国内就能享受到世界水准的摇滚主题餐厅&酒店服务。