Who will be the supernova in music industry?

Sound of The Xity (SOTX) was founded in 2012, the first international trading and networking center in music industry.
 It presents two annual events, namely, SOTX EXPO and SOTX FEST. The former is a gathering where industrial 
delegates gain potential network, enlarge business opportunities, and propose transactions; meanwhile, the latter is the
 exact location where new music talents are presented for further development in overseas music performing market. 
The 2015’s edition of SOTX EXPO and SOTX FEST altogether will be hosted during the 6 days since April 28th till May 3rd.
 And now the call for industrial proposals that could attract INTENDED INVESTMENT officially commences. Your proposal might 
be the next on our list.

Will you be the supernova in music industry?

One part of the SOTX EXPO programme is an exclusive session where project proposals on behalf of companies and institutions 
will be presented. The selection of proposals will focus on creative ideas with a sustainable plan, especially on those who project
 their interest in Chinese music market. The selected ones will be then recommended to the resource of investment. This session 
is open to projects such as smart hardware development, conventional music events, music app design and application, creative 
music programmes on TV and radio, formation of self-media for music, etc. Eventually, eight proposals out of all will win to enter 
SOTX EXPO for presentation on April 30th this year. Besides, more than thirty delegates from various investment companies and
 institutions will take part and meet the presenters with whom they share the common interest. Are you prepared to be one of the 
eight, be the supernova of tomorrow in music industry?

You are welcome to send us your proposal online. The final eight will be the result of a massive assessment of all. Before they are 
presented at the EXPO, SOTX will provide online and field promotion, which will earn the future product an enormous outcome in 
terms of investment capacity and branding.
Application Procedure:

- Submitting your proposal online
The submission needs to include: an official digital document of your proposal with all necessary quantitative and qualitative materials, 
and a brief proposal outline in a PowerPoint file.
- Assessment
- Confirmation to winners
- EXPO presentation

Assessment Criteria: (Please specify the following also in your PowerPoint file)

- Applicant’s shareholding structure and organizational structure
- Business performance, business model and market competence
- The targeted market niche
- Assessment on applicant’s yearly financial performance
- Applicant’s risk hedging strategy

Entry Level Qualification:

- A well-constructed plan in seeking long term development in China
- A well-considered plan for sustainable creativity
- With intention and being capable in operating a public company
- A business plan that contains, at least, all above.

Please submit to:

More attending delegates form distinguished institutes will be announced soon. For SOTX EXPO registration, please go to