What is SOTX?

Sound of the Xity (SOTX), is an event happens every year in China. It is the only Chinese platform with a long-term commitment to the joint development of the Chinese and Western music industries. The core program of SOTX consists of SOTX EXPO and SOTX FEST. SOTX EXPO devotes to making Chinese music culture going abroad by using market princples while SOTX FEST provides customers the most cutting-edge music experience.

Founded in 2012, and after two years, Sound of The Xity has established a model of parallel development of SOTX EXPO and SOTX FEST, aiming to promote Chinese music culture on the globe with internationized operating model, professional service concept and most market-oriented method.

SOTX EXPO, is the only music project which uses market-oriented method to export Chinese music culture into the world. And it is now the biggest and most effective international music industry trade event with the highest level of delegates and largest number of International exhibitors. SOTX's audience include Chinese and foreign music institutions, musicians, music projects, business brands, media, multi-industry institutions and projects; The main forms of activities are high-end themed panel discussions, keynote speeches, 1 on 1 speed meetings, and new sessions of open class, master class, insiders recruitment, Big data awards etc have been added this year. Reaching related areas of Technology, Internet, Fashion, Art, Design and Documentary; And SOTX's cooperation network has covered 15 countries of 5 continents.

SOTX FEST is aiming to provide the best performing platform for all musicians in the world, and most cutting-edge consumption experience for Chinese music lovers;In the past three editions, SOTX FEST had brought 165 acts from more than 15 different countries of 5 continents,has wide reference to pop, rock, world music, electronic and so on. In 2015, a new session called "Bridge to” has been established, in order to provide more effective meetings of musicians and specific talent buyers. And it will give the audiences a more “distinctive” experience of new music. 

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